Saving Sophia: Neonatal surgery, blisters, and bliss, on the rocky road to motherhood

By Caro Feely
E-book ISBN: 978-2-9586304-9-2
Print book ISBN: 978-2-9586304-8-5
Published 5 December 2023.

A gripping account of first-time parenting that will leave you filled with wonder. This is a prequel to the Vineyard Series.

“The paediatrician came back without our baby.
‘I’m afraid we have a problem.’
Stars bounced around my vision of the doctor’s talking head, his voice far away, like a dream. I felt like I was sinking into a void and leant back to steady myself on the bed. We had experienced the most life affirming event the night before, the birth of our first child. Now she was being taken away. It was a moment that would take us on an intense journey and change the course of our lives.”

‘Saving Sophia’ is a true-life story of pregnancy, birth, ICU, breastfeeding, first time parenting, postnatal depression, and raising a family. A gripping and sometimes humorous account of a roller coaster ride into motherhood, that offers a glimpse into, and a reminder of, how miraculous raising a family is.

This heartwarming story of love, friendship, and family will keep you on the edge of your seat. Whether you’re a fan of romance, drama, or just great storytelling, ‘Saving Sophia’ is must-read.

‘A wonderful book.’ Julie Haigh, We Love Memoirs
‘A heart-warming and deeply moving memoir of love and family,’ Martin Walker, bestselling author
‘Beautifully written… I couldn’t put it down.’ Jacqui Brown, Book blogger

Media opportunities: Extracts/serialisation. Photos available. Interviews welcome.

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About the author: Caro Feely traded her tech career to become an organic farmer, writer, and teacher. She is published author of six books, acclaimed ‘winning’, ‘sincere’ and ‘passionate’ by The New York Times.
To request a review copy, to interview Caro or to serialise the book, please contact or by phone/text 033635933188.

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