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Caro Feely: published author, organic farmer & yoga teacher


Author Caro Feely

Caro Feely is a published author, yoga teacher, wine educator and organic farmer. She is a confident and engaging speaker and an experienced virtual event facilitator. Her first four books Grape Expectations, Saving our Skins, Vineyard Confessions (was Glass Half Full), and Wine: the Essential Guide, were initially published by Summersdale. Find out about her latest books Cultivating Change and Saving Sophia.

Caro Feely’s Books

The Vineyard Series

Caro and Sean gave up successful city jobs for a rundown vineyard in France. Thus began the vineyard series. The first, Grape Expectations, the second, Saving our Skins, The third, Vineyard Confessions and the latest Cultivating Change.

Cultivating Change

‘Cultivating Change’ is a standalone and but also can be considered a sequel to Vineyard Series.

Saving Sophia

Saving Sophia takes readers on a page-turning true-life story of pregnancy, birth, ICU, breastfeeding, first time parenting, postnatal depression, and raising a family.


Caro Feely writes books on subjects she is an expert in – wine, yoga, and the organic green living. Join our mailing list at free gifts or at the bottom of this page to be first to know about the upcoming ‘breathe – living light in the 21st century’.

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