We are looking for 10 beta readers to give feedback on Caro Feely’s next book, Cultivating Change, the fourth in the vineyard series. This book can be read as a standalone book. We are looking for some beta readers that haven’t read the rest of the series and some that have.

If you are a keen reader used to reviewing books and offering feedback we would love to hear from you. Beta readers are asked to flag spelling or grammar glitches but also give their feedback on the story and structure. For example – are there places where the author could explain something better, or where you are left wondering about something? Are there unanswered questions you still have at the end of the book? Do you think any part of the story could be structured differently? eg sections that would be better placed elsewhere or removed.

Please get in touch by emailing caro at carofeely dot com or via our contact form with a short paragraph about yourself + if you have read the rest of the series or not. This request closes Sunday 16 October 2022 or as soon as we have met the quota of beta readers. The book is around 70 000 words and we request your feedback within 2 weeks of you receiving the draft.

Thank you!

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  1. Caro — where can I buy your wine in the Dublin Wicklow area in IRL — long term fan of yours going home to South County Dublin for a quick visit and I would like to try some of your wines!
    Many thanks Christine

    1. Hi Christine – Thanks for your patience and apologies – I only saw this comment now. The notice must have gone to my spam folder. Our wines are best ordered direct from us at ChateauFeely.com . We ship all over the EU including Ireland. Thank you! Best wishes, Caro

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