Media Kit

Media Kit

In this section you will find Caro Feely author’s media kit for journalists, influencers, and bloggers. Below you can download Caro Feely’s Elevator PDF, 1 pager press releases for each of Caro’s books, high resolution cover images and high resolution author photos of Caro Feely.

Caro has two new books coming up on her publication roster, ‘This Miracle of Life’, a prequel to ‘Grape Expectations’ and then ‘Finding Zen’, the 4th in the Vineyard series. She is working on a novel series on climate-change, an environment guidebook and a teenage series on climate-change and biodiversity.

Visit the About Page for Caro’s Welcome Letter, Short bio, writer development and her future plans.

Press Coverage

High Resolution Photos & Cover Images

General information and general photos

Click this link to open a pdf elevator profile for Caro Feely and her books Caro Feely Elevator or right click to save the file directly to your device.

Click to open a jpg high res version of the photo of Caro Feely thumbnailed below then save the file directly to your device.

Grape Expectations High Resolution Cover Image and Press Release

High resolution Cover Image for Grape Expectations

Grape Expectations Press Release

Saving our Skins High Resolution Cover Image and Press Release

High resolution cover image for Saving our Skins

Saving our Skins – press release download

Glass Half Full High Resolution Cover Image and Press Release

Glass Half Full High Resolution Cover Image for Glass Half Full by Caro Feely

Caro Feely Detailed Bio

Caro Feely is a published author, teacher and organic farmer. She is an engaging speaker and an experienced virtual event facilitator and host. Her first four books Grape Expectations, Saving our Skins, Glass Half Full, and Wine: the Essential Guide, were published by Summersdale. Since 2022 Caro is an indie author.

Caro grew up in South Africa where she co-founded her school’s first student newspaper. She completed a BCom full time followed by honours and a Masters in Economics (cum laude) part time. After working as an analyst in retail for a couple of years she spent a two years travelling the world. In this time she worked as an artist, a call centre operator, a babysitter, a farm hand, a waitress, a cleaner, and a shoe salesperson.

Soon after returning to her retail analyst job she was recruited to become a management consultant with a large tech multinational in Johannesburg. She met her husband Sean and they began dreaming of vineyards. This led to a move to Cape Town. Soon after, Caro’s work requested she move to Ireland for a project and this became a permanent posting. The first year in Dublin, Caro and Sean took a wine trip to France and their dream to become organic winegrowers in France began. Seven years later they made the leap. Caro’s Vineyard Series charts these adventures. The latest book a prequel to the vineyard series is set in Dublin.

Caro is a registered Yoga Alliance yoga teacher, a WSET* wine educator and a professional with many years of workshop, presentation, training, and management experience with multinational companies including IBM and Accenture. She writes regularly for magazines and co-founded a successful organic wine estate and holiday rental business (, wine school and tour business ( in France with her husband, Sean.

Caro is available for interviews, for blog Q&As, for guest articles/ posts, podcasts etc. Please get in touch via the contact form.

*Wine Spirit Education Trust: the most widely recognised wine education institution in the world.

Come and visit Caro in France 🙂

You can tour with Caro – find out about the wine tours and wine classes Caro offers at French Wine Adventures.

You can stay at Caro’s certified organic farm – Chateau Feely.

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Future Works

The prequel to the Vineyard Series.

The latest book in the Vineyard Series


Awake – Living light in the 21st Century. Holding name. Title not finalized. Due to be published in 2023/24.

Climate Fiction

Green technology series for Young Adults. This is a series Caro is working on that draws on her experience in hi-tech and venture capital, boarding school, and being an organic farmer. Two books in draft.

Code name – Song to the Earth. This series is in storyboard phase. The first book will be out in a couple of years.

Caro’s Passions that come through in her books

The environment, family dynamics, organic farming, wine, and in more recent years, yoga. These threads, and climate change, feature strongly in her current work.

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