Book Covers 101

How many iterations does it take?

In 2023 I got the rights to my books back from my original publisher. I was thrown into the deep end with cover design and book marketing. This is a brief take on my experience so far.

I put a brief out to several designers. The prices made my head spin. Anything from 750 to 1000 euro per book (ideally I needed 5 books covers). Via Reedsy I found a great designer Julie Adams that was willing to work with me on the ebook version for the first book. I’ll then use that to jump off into the rest of the book designs.

I researched books in the genre but they were all quite dated photo based covers. I knew I didn’t want a cute illustration like the old cover. I liked more graphic version of foodie books that had come out recently.

This is a summary of some of the test covers. We went with a 5 inch wide:8 inch high ratio – a standard trade book size and one that can be easily sized to most ebook sellers and then to print too.

We put a few options to a closed internal vote then did a wide vote on insta and FB for the final tone on the Grape Expectations cover. It has been a massive learning curve and is just the start of my new adventure as a self published author.

I’ll share another post on the new edition of Glass Half Full now republished as Vineyard Confessions soon. Thanks for reading and please sign up to our mailing list to receive free gifts and latest news on Caro Feely books and events. 🙂

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