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  • Glass Half Full - the ups and downs of vineyard life in France
  • Saving Our Skins - Building a Vineyard Dream in France
  • Grape Expectations - A family's Vineyard Adventure
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  • In progress- the memoir of first time Mum in ICU
  • In progress- green technology adventures for kids

    Glass Half Full - the ups and downs of vineyard life in France

    Glass Half Full book Caro's third book in the Feely farm series hits the shelves 13 April 2017.

    This is a story about the ebb and flow of life and love, of living and dying, a shout for the earth, for nature, for us and our future. In Glass Half Full the Feely's journey towards a sustainable life on an organic farm in France takes a roller coaster growth ride.

    Endorsements of this touching powerful memoir are rolling in

    "“Glass Half Full” is a love story poured beautifully onto the pages by Caro Feely. If you love wine or someone who loves wine, you will drink in every page of this beautiful book.”
    Robyn O’Brien, bestselling author, food lover

    'Caro Feely is a force of nature! Her new book Glass Half Full tells the story of her family’s struggle to live, love and make healthy, natural wine on their small vineyard in France. Caro draws the reader into her world with its all of its challenges, triumphs and heartaches. Required reading for winelovers everywhere.'
    Mike Veseth, author Wine Wars and The Wine Economist blog

    ‘A brave and compelling tale about a gnarly life in the vines and the choices we frail humans make in our emotional journeys.’
    Alice Feiring, author and journalist

    ‘Honest and touching. Caro Feely gives us the real thing, not only living the dream of making great wine in France but the stress and work required while raising a family and holding a marriage together. And at the same time, she has produced a readable, persuasive and informative book on organic wine-making, and why we need to heal our soil and change the way we farm.’
    Martin Walker, bestselling author of Bruno Chief of Police Series

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    Saving our Skins

    Saving Our Skins book

    Building a vineyard dream in France

    The sequel to Grape Expectations.
    Saving Our Skins Summersdale (7 Jul 2014) Language: English ISBN-13: 978-1849536097

    Frost can be fatal to a fledgling wine business… gorgeous glitter with a high price tag. On a winter's day it is beautiful; on a spring day after bud burst, devastation. For Caro and Sean, whose love affair with wine and France has taken them through financial and physical struggle to create an organic vineyard, it could spell the end. Until they receive an unexpected call that could save their skins...

    This is a tale about life, love and taking risks, while transforming a piece of land into a flourishing vineyard and making a new life in France.

    When we moved to France I felt like Alice falling down the well... Why? one: french culture is so stunningly different to what I was used to, two: I couldn't believe what a risk we took with our lives, three: I could not believe some of the stuff farmers were - and are- chucking onto food you are going to eat or wine you are going to drink, and four: I still pinch myself at the beauty of our organic vineyards on a fine day.

    The third book in the series continues the sometimes funny, sometimes scary, journey. Sign up to our newsletter to get the news about the next book in the series. You'll be the first to know the title, to receive the taster of what's coming and more.

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    Grape Expectations

    A family's Vineyard Adventure

    Grape Expectations by Caro Feely Grape Expectations. Publisher: Summersdale (4 Jun 2012) Language: English ISBN-10: 1849532575 ISBN-13: 978-1849532570 (also translated into Polish as 'Winnica Marzen')

    'Delicious.’ I licked my lips. The wine filled me with joy. A picture of a vineyard drenched in sunlight formed in my mind. Sean drew me rudely back to the lounge of our semi-d. 'How can they be in liquidation if they make wine this good?’ When Caro and Sean find the perfect ten-hectare vineyard in Saussignac, it seems their dreams of becoming wine-makers in the south of France are about to come true. But they arrive in France with their young family (a toddler and a newborn) to be faced with a dilapidated eighteenth-century farmhouse and an enterprise that may never, ever make them a living. Undeterred by mouse infestations, a leaking roof, treacherous hordes of insects, visits from the local farm ‘police’ and a nasty accident with an agricultural trimmer, Caro and Sean set about transforming their ‘beyond eccentric’ winery into a successful business as they embark on the biggest adventure of their lives – learning to make wine from the roots up.

    The book is available in the travel section of all great bookstores including Hodge Figgus in Dublin Ireland, Blackwell Books in Oxford England, Take Note in New Zealand, Waterstones, WHSmith, Amazon and other book outlets. If you are a bookseller and wish to sell/reference Grape Expectations please contact the publisher Summersdale.

    To order a gift pack of wine and signed copies of the books shipped to an address in the EU visit

    Published Reviews of Grape Expectations

    'In this beautifully written tale of passion, caution, guts, Caro Feely takes us on her heartfelt journey as she and her husband breathe life into an old Bergerac winery, while she and her husband Sean resuscitate their own.'
    Alice Feiring, Author of Naked Wine: Letting Grapes Do What Comes Naturally and The Battle for Wine and Love: or How I Saved the World from Parkerization

    'A must read for anyone who's dreamed of owning their own vineyard, at times gritty, at times joyful, Grape Expectations is an inspiring story of how one couple changed their lives.'
    Jamie Ivey, Author of Ten Trees and a Truffle Dog

    ‘Captivating reading for anyone with dreams of living in rural France’
    Destination France, Autumn 2012

    'I was completely caught up in this memoir, wondering if the Feelys would ever be able to make their dream come true… This book is bright, passionate, inspiring, informative and absolutely delicious. I highly recommend it.'
    Breadcrumb Reads Blog, 22 October 2013

    'Filled with vivid descriptions of delicious wines, great food, and stunning views, this is a unique insight into the world of the winemaker, and a story of passion, dedication, and love.'
    Bookalicious Travel Addict Blog, 25 October 2013

    'I was moved and delighted by this book, which has vast and useful amounts to say about wine and the passion of wine-making, about France and the great adventure of family life, and above all about the trials and challenges that build a marriage… splendid book.'
    Martin Walker, Bestselling Author of the Bruno, Chief of Police series

    'Really liked Caro's book; it's not the usual fall in love with France story, it's warts and all .. Definitely the best - and most realistic - tome coming from the "year in Provence " genre.'
    Joe Duffy, Irish radio personality

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    In progress- the memoir of first time Mum in ICU

    Imagine the first few days as a Mum then add life-critical surgery for your newborn. This personal story and call to arms for the earth and for breastfeeding is a cliffhanger on precious life and the first steps of parenthood.

    In progress- green technology adventures for kids

    This is a project Caro has been working on for about ten years. It is partly as a result of working in hi-tech and venture capital, going to a boarding school like the ones in Enid Blyton's various school series and then becoming an organic farmer that these stories came about. There are two books in draft.

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